TeamPlay makes your game or gamified app more valuable by allowing your players to play for the teams they care about. They engage more, invite more, play longer and drive higher value.
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TeamPlay provides the infrastructure to manage team dynamics, achievements and leaderboards in your games or gamified apps, and adding it is as simple as adding a few lines of code.

When players score points, collect objects, or take some other action in your app, it's recorded in the TeamPlay system, and we include those results in the team totals.

TeamPlay is a multiplayer game engine that ...

1Makes it dead simple to manage which teams you're on.

2Shows achievements and team statistics in real-time leaderboards, charts and activity maps.

3Delivers a real-time news feed of breaking team news.

4Encourages word-of-mouth for your game/app through twitter and Facebook integrations.

With TeamPlay your players are playing for the teams they care about, this means they'll play longer and harder - and invite all their friends.


Tap into your players' natural passions to keep them coming back to your game or gamified app. Whether they love football, their company, their pets, their friends or simply the coffee they drink, they can team up and start scoring for the team.

Play it again...

In most games a user has few options to keep them engaged. Beat their friends, get the best score on the global leaderboard, and grab some achievements. Once those are done, sometimes players lose interest. TeamPlay keeps players coming back because they're not just working for themselves but contributing to their teams. They don't want to let the team down so they keep playing.


We're uniquely social. Instead of one to one competition or one to many friends, we're focused on giving your players the ability to compete with and against like-minded people in teams of 2 to millions. When they join up or beat out the competition they can brag on twitter or Facebook.

Growing Audience

Your players will need some friends supporting them as they knock over pigs, raid a farm or fly toward an island. Our invitation system makes it easy for your players to draft friends onto their teams - getting more people to play your game. TeamPlay allows them to hand pick their team mates from their address book or Facebook and then sends an invite to get them into the action as quickly as possible.


What type of people are scoring the most blue diamonds? Are girls faster at trivia than boys? What country is sending the most invites for your game? These are valuable nuggets of information, and you need to know them and we have them for you in the Developer Portal.

We've gone all out to make sure adding TeamPlay to your games or gamified apps is as simple as possible. With just a few lines of code, your games can take advantage of an embedded experience that makes joining and creating teams, along with inviting friends and seeing interesting stats super simple. If you're particular about how your games look you can either skin our experience, or use our lower-level APIs to create something uniquely yours. We're on iOS right now and Android is just a few weeks away.

Super Customizable

Your game looks awesome and your designers have every Retina pixel perfectly in place. We don’t want to get in the way of perfection.

TeamPlay works in a variety of ways to make sure your spaceship or tavern don’t get invaded by stylistic time travelers.

Dead-simple Integration

Command C, command V.
Repeat twice. Done.

At the most basic integration level you can have TeamPlay working in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. We want you to be fine-tuning your physics engine, not how your players collaborate and compete.


Everyone's up in the clouds these days, but you know what, it's an important place to be. It means that when your players are enjoying your game their scores are going straight into our servers for safe keeping. We manage the servers, databases, bandwidth and other thingamabobs so you don't have to.


Keeping you focused on coding your awesome games is key to us, we don't want you
burdened with scaling your infrastructure. We're built with scale as a primary design
criteria so we can deliver real time results to millions of players.